Metal Free Dental Crown

A Dental Crown “crown/cap” is often required when the tooth has been Root canal Treated or severely damaged by the decay and is best restored by a crown/cap over it. Sometimes a crown can also be used for smile designing/cosmetic procedures for improving color and the shape. Conventionally the crowns were made of metal or ceramic layered over metal (Porcelain Crown). The development in material sciences has helped dentistry to move towards metal free alternatives such as ZIrconia Crown or lithium di-silicates (Active ingredients of metal free crowns)

Dentistry in recent years is moving more towards metal free alternatives in dental crowns because of superior aesthetics and high strength which is comparable to that of a metal, thus giving a higher patient satisfaction.

Metal free crowns can produce life like characteristics and reflect the light as a natural tooth would. It minimizes the possibilities of appearance of grey metal margins when the gum starts receding.

  • Procedure Duration: 1 to 3 hours, Depending on the number of teeth needing crowns.
  • Number of Appointments: Two to four visits.
  • Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is given but may not be needed.
  • Shelf life: Results can last for 6 to 15 years with proper dental hygiene.
  • Healing time: None.
  • Possible Risks: May include thermal sensitivity in some rare cases.

Metal Free Crowns FAQ

There are different types of materials, Metal and Metal alloys, High Strength Ceramics which are constituents of Crowns, Veneers and Bridges. Their selection varies as per different areas of teeth, different aesthetic requirements and different suitability for different people. However the quality and appearance of Crown, Veneer or Bridge is not dependent upon the different Constituents of the Crown but is mainly dependent upon the skill and the artesian skill of Dental Laboratory.

The average shelf life is 6 to 15 years varying from individual to individual. Any progression of Gum Disease or Dental Decay to the tooth can hamper the shelf life.

No Often Crowns are placed over the teeth without Root Canal Therapy.

Not necessarily. Sometimes it is sensible and economical to place bridges over the teeth if the adjacent teeth also require crowns.

No, good quality Dentistry can result in highly realistic and life like Dental Crowns.

The Dentist may occasionally use local anesthesia primarily to numb the area. Thereafter the teeth are contoured so that the restoration can fit precisely over it. The tooth preparation is important and may take sometime (20 to 40 Minutes). Impressions of the prepared/ contoured teeth along with impressions of opposite Jaw are sent to our high quality Dental Laboratories to have Veneers, Crowns or Bridges manufactured. Meanwhile, a plastic temporary crown is placed over the prepared teeth. When the final product is delivered by the Dental Laboratory we try them, verify the fit, and then cement it back onto your teeth.

It will depend upon your situation and Clinical requirements. Sometimes it may take several weeks to deliver a good quality manufactured Crown. Meantime you can have the temporary or the plastic Crowns. Please Remember Quality work cannot be accomplished in short time intervals.

No, only the best quality Veneers, Bridges and Crowns are used for our Patients. We used different labs for different cases because some labs can reproduce results better for younger people, older people or bleached teeth better than few other labs. Under no circumstance we used any inferior quality material or Dental device even if they were cheaper.

Metal Free Crown

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