Complete Denture | Over Dentures types, advantages and disadvantages.

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Complete Denture

A complete denture is a removable prosthesis (False Teeth) that replaces all the missing the teeth within an arch, supported by soft and hard tissues. Some patients have only lower Denture, Some have Upper and some have both lower and upper complete Denture.

Advantages of Complete Denture

  • Economical Option for replacing missing teeth in Jaw
  • Esthetic Results
  • Short Treatment Time

Disadvantages of Complete Denture

  • Some patients often Feel Complete Denture very Bulky
  • The palatal extensions of the Denture usually cover the entire palate, which is sometime not acceptable and can lead to altered speech and taste.
  • Tongue and various other muscles can lead to displacement of the denture.
  • Irrespective of a good denture retention and comfort some patients are just unable to wear them in the mouth.
  • Complete Denture has to be relined from time to time because almost all the patients exhibit changes in the jaw with time.

Types of Dentures

Complete Denture

Conventional Complete Denture refers to the primitive technique wherein all the extractions of teeth are done 8-12 weeks before the commencement of Denture Fabrication. The healing time enables the tissues and the extraction sockets to heal effectively thus enabling the denture to fit accurately. A complete denture fabricated by Conventional Technique is usually very accurate. Patients who do not wish to wait for 8-12 weeks without teeth can choose Immediate Dentures.

Immediate Dentures

In this technique of Complete Denture Fabrication, Incremental extraction of teeth in front and back region of jaw is executed which means the denture is delivered to the patient on the same day and at no point of time the patient is without teeth. However immediate Dentures requires frequent Relining.


Certain set of Dentures, which utilize Dental Implants or Natural Teeth for retention and stability are referred to as Over-dentures. There are different techniques to fabricate over-dentures, which usually fit with a Snap.

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