Why choosing Dentist or Dental Clinic in Chandigarh?

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Why choosing Dentist or Dental Clinic in Chandigarh?

Why Choosing Chandigarh?

Chandigarh is a beautifully planned city in India, at foothills of Shivalik Mountains with architecture, which is world famous and possesses an unparalleled literacy rate (highest in India 96%) and quality of life. The true face of modernization in India, Chandigarh excels in having leading medical hospitals, dentist and dental clinic with advanced technology at affordable price. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) back in 2015, published Chandigarh as one amongst the perfect cities in world with modernization, Architecture and Cultural growth as parameters. Chandigarh is home for one of the best Dental Clinic in India. Avance Dental Care is one amongst the leading dental clinic with state of art infrastructure, equipments and quality treatments.

Affordable Dental Treatment

The dental treatment in Chandigarh is highly affordable in comparison to other parts of India and world. The average expenditure for dental treatment with best dentist in Chandigarh is one sixth for what it would cost in the other parts of the world. For example a dental implant of a company X costs USD 4000 in United States of America. The same company X implant would cost one sixth (USD 666) for the same. Similarly pediatric dentist in Europe and Central America are about 7 to 10 times more expensive than pediatric Dentist in Chandigarh.

“I could not afford Dental Implants in Dubai. The Dentist near me in Dubai was charging me AED 22,000-00 for Dental Implants. I boarded the direct flight to Chandigarh and got the same job done in AED 4,000-00. Chandigarh in coming days will emerge as one of the leading affordable Dental Destination for Arab Countries.” - Mohd. Abiz Abbar

Why do prices vary so greatly?

With readily available Dental care and Dentist professionals in Chandigarh and India, the prices you pay vary greatly from the other parts of the world. Insurance company unlike in other areas have negligible role of profit making in comparison to the other nations such as United States. Paying more in other regions does not necessarily assure that you are paying for better quality treatment. We feel proud to assure best possible European standards quality dental treatment compliance.

Our Global Relationship Manger Can assist to customize packages to match affordability and leisure holidays along with quality dental treatment. For any queries you can contact us on 0091-708-780-0016 or mail us at [email protected]

Zero Waiting Period

Avance Dental Care gives priority appointments to all the international patients. We book the date and time as per your treatment requirements and schedule. Please download our Mobile App for second opinion consultations or E-Consultations for your convenience.

Customized Services

Multi language translation services Pick and Drop from Airport, Accommodations, Local Travel, Air-Ticket assistance are offered. Our team tries level best to make you feel at home.

Destination Chandigarh Always Worth a Visit

Chandigarh as a destination has a unique and irresistible charm and attraction. The city has developed into a sparkling, modernized and well planned metropolis.

Our Team

Dr. Mohit Dhawan

Dr. Mohit Dhawan
M.D.S (Prosthodontics & Implantology)

Dr. Rosy Dhawan

Dr. Rosy Dhawan
MDS (Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics)

Dr. Abhishek Sharma

Dr. Abhishek Sharma
M.D.S (Orthodontics), WFO, AAO, IOS

Dr. Kavita Mehta

Dr. Kavita Mehta
MDS (Orthodontics)

Dr. Dhody

Dr. K.P.S Dhody
M.D (Anesthesia)

Have a question or need consultant?

Cordial and helpful staff members with keen interest provides you with suitable solution is available 24/7 at +91-708-708-0016 | +91-987-830-0016

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