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Braces: For a signature look!

Spotting a person with crooked teeth has become quite common presently. A number of people bear the load of not spotting a happy smile. This is because of the quintessential factor that people, mostly adults feel embarrassed on wearing braces, or hundreds of people feel that braces are for teenagers only. Well, if you are included in this particular section of individuals, you need to change your mind.

The gift of a happy and a healthy smile can raise up your spirits, no matter what is your age. Using ceramic braces is a quite usual phenomenon currently and more and more people are adapting to this kind of dental procedure.

These kind of braces are the tooth colored or ceramic replicas of metal braces. While the method of action and functionality of ceramic braces are same as that of the metal braces, they are easier to clean and less visible.

Just like any other braces, ceramic braces assist in straightening and aligning your teeth. People who do not wish to present that they are wearing braces, can behold these clear braces. Also called aesthetic braces, these are virtually invisible as well as discreet. Often celebrities use them for quicker improvement in their smiles without any compromise in their signature look.

Pros of using ceramic braces

  • Amongst the major advantages of ceramic braces is that they can be shaped or molded to fit into the tooth ideally. Therefore, you need not have to compromise with braces that are too big and leave you uncomfortable all the time.
  • Teeth differ in sizes and hence ceramic braces are customized to fit each set of teeth for uniformity.
  • Apart from being smaller in size than the metal braces, using these braces will not mark permanent stains on your teeth. You need not fret about the additional cost or stains for taking the services of experts to remove the stains.
  • Surfaces of ceramic have a smooth distinctive feel. It helps ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable or irritated when your braces are on. It is much more than the additional advantage of improving one’s appearance regarding the ceramic braces
  • Many orthodontists utilize a white or off-white wire to bind the ceramic braces which make them hard to see and are uniform as well.

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Dr. Mohit Dhawan
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Dr. Rosy Dhawan
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Dr. Abhishek Sharma
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Dr. Kavita Mehta
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