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Why Straumann® Dental Implants?

Aug 14, 2018


Avance Dental Care introduces the leading Dental Implant company Straumann® products to patients in Chandigarh. Straumann® has earned worldwide trust and reputation. Their products can be an excellent choice for your Dental and Oral health.

Dental Implants treatment in last decade has become a standard treatment procedure at most of the dental practices. Each and every practice has various types of Dental Implants by different companies but the important question is are they offering the same quality? Are the Implants products backed up by successful long term clinical studies? Most of patients are generally not aware about differences in various Implant systems. Straumann® products are made with highest precision and well documented clinical success.


Scientific Background


Straumann® Dental Implants and products have been delivering benchmarks since 1954. Straumann® has well documented success in clinical research, development and manufacture of Dental Implants.

Quality and Innovation by Swiss


Innovative designs such as Roxolid® Implant material (Combination of Zirconium and Titanium), SLActive® Implants surface have made Straumann® the world leaders in Dental Implant technology.


Integrity and Reliability


Straumann® sets high standard for reliability and integrity. The products are passed after thorough testing and validation after preclinical and clinical scientific studies. The Swiss products have earned international trust with dentists in more than 100 countries. More than 15 Million Straumann®  Dental Implants have been placed in patients all over the world.


If you are a candidate for dental Implants, and looking for Straumann Dental Implants in Chandigarh, feel free to write us.


Watch the video to know about 5 key points about Straumann® Dental Implants.



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