Virtual Personal Dental Assistant-Anil

Our Practice has set up a virtual Personal Dental Assistant that will work closely with our patients and visitors to provide support, usually on a one-to-one basis. Anil will help you to make the appointments and other support tasks.

Our Virtual Personal Dental assistant, Anil greatly increase the practice efficiency in the delivery of quality dental services and great customer service to our valuable patients and members of the Avance Dental Care Family. If you are looking for information and communication regarding Dental Queries, Get Directions, My Reports, Information regarding doctors and dental procedures feel free to initiate chat with Anil.

Personal Dental assistant - Anil can perform many of the tasks that make the best patient care possible. For International Patients - Anil assists them in Medi-travel, Medi-Stay, Visa Assistance. 

However we are continously looking forward and working to improve the relationship and patient care for our esteemed patients. We welcome any suggestions and feedback to improve the insurance claims, and experience with Anil.

Have a question or need consultant?

Cordial and helpful staff members with keen interest provides you with suitable solution is available 24/7 at +91-708-708-0016 | +91-987-830-0016

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