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How to Replace Missing Tooth After Tooth Extraction?

Apr 20, 2018


Teeth are essential to our daily existence. From the current understanding of the treatment concepts you the following options to replace the missing teeth after tooth extraction.

Option 1 - Do Nothing about it.

Often patients have the willingness to do Nothing about the lost tooth even though they are well aware of its impact on the health of remaining teeth. This decision can get you into more trouble. Watch our video tutorial to understand the impact of missing teeth.

Option 2 - Crowns & Bridge Work

For years the crowns and bridges have formed the conventional and time tested answer for replacement of missing tooth. It has been the most common solution for years. The adjacent teeth are grounded to function as anchors or abutments to support the bridge frame work. In case the anchor or the abutment gets compromised, the patient risks loosing the entire bridge. Flossing under the bridge is also an issue. The biggest challenge in modern day times is putting the healthy teeth at risk by grinding them to form abutments/anchors to support bridge.

Option 3 - Dental Implants

It will be a big surprise in modern day time if a patient has not heard of dental implants. A titanium post is inserted into the jaw bone by a specialist, which acts as an anchor to support the missing teeth. However the Implants are not free from problems. There are several issues to avoid micro bacterial accumulations around Dental Implants, avoiding Peri-implantitis. A lot of research is also undergoing to evaluate the success Zirconium Dental Implants.

Option 4 - Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures are another conventional and economical treatment option to replace the missing tooth after tooth extraction. These can be uncomfortable and as the name suggest are easily removable. Patient can easily remove and clean them as the removable teeth are just resting on the gum tissues.

Option 5 - Stem Cells

This option is not available at the moment but a lot of research is happening in the role of stem cells to re-grow the missing tooth. We will be glad to update you in near future, once this treatment option becomes readily available.

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