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Instructions after Laser Disinfected Root Canal Treatment- Stage I

Aug 15, 2018


Please follow these Post-Operative instructions as they have been designed to assist you to heal rapidly and comfortably with minimal side effects.

1. Our Endodontist will examine and take low radiation X-Rays of the tooth. Root Canal therapy often takes two or more appointments(Stage I, Stage II, Stage III) to complete. It is important to complete the RCT once it has been started.

2.    Local Anesthetic used to numb the teeth during Root Canal Treatment Stage I also numbs your lips, other teeth and tongue for several hours. You run through a risk of biting your own lips or tongue while they are numb. Avoid chewing anything on the side of treated tooth until the local anesthetic (Numbness) has completely worn off.

3.    If you encountered pain prior to starting the Root Canal treatment, it may take some time for the tooth to get back to normal situation. Allow the Root Canal Therapy sufficient time and chance to work.

4.    The preliminary objective of Stage I is to get you out of the pain. We removed the caries or cracks that allowed the bacteria to infect the nerve of the diseased tooth. Disinfection of the Root Canals along with pulp removal is undertaken effectively to get you out of the pain immediately.

5.    Antibacterial medication is placed inside the tooth chamber to relieve pain and stop infection. Temporary filling is placed to seal the cavity and prevent bacteria from entering the tooth again and causing infection.

6.    A temporary filling is used to protect and cover the tooth between Root Canal Treatment Stages. It is not uncommon for a small part of the temporary filling to break or wear down. In case the entire filling is dislodged, please call our office immediately so that we can replace it without much delay.

7.    Occasionally in case of severe infections or drainage of pus, an open dressing can be preferred by the Endodontist

8.    It is normal for a patient to experience some discomfort after RCT Stage I appointment, especially while chewing. You may experience a little discomfort or even a dull tooth ache post treatment appointment. The discomfort and tenderness is normal and no reason for an emergency alarm.

9.    To control discomfort you are advised to take medication as recommended by our Endodontist. If antibiotics have been prescribed, Please take them for indicated duration of days, even if there is no discomfort or no signs of infection.

10. If you were not prescribed any pain medication by our team but are experiencing sharp pain after your treatment appointment, we advise taking over the counter pain medication. Should the discomfort be uncontrolled with pain pills or sudden swelling develops, please call our office immediately.

11. To reduce pain, swelling or discomfort it is highly advised that you rinse with warm salt water. Add half a tea spoon of common salt to a cup of Luke warm water. Stir gently and rinse every 3 to 5 times a day for next 1 week. Then rinse, swish and spit. Continue to brush and floss normally.

12. Avoid biting hard foods and chewing sticky foods such as chewing gum, Caramels, Ice etc. Avoid biting finger nails and pencils. If possible chew from the other side.

13. Failure to complete the other Stages (Stage II and III) of treatment in a time bound manner may result in possible Re-infection or tooth fracture or re-contamination due to leakage.

14. Endodontic treated tooth can still decay. You are advised to exercise proper dental care, oral hygiene, regular brushing and flossing.

Despite our best efforts, about 90 to 95% of the Root Canal treated tooth heal successfully. Sometimes a small number of patients require re-treatment to accomplish successful results. In case of any emergency please feel free to contact our office at 0091-708-780-0016 or 0091-172-401-1943.

Watch the Video Tutorial to understand how a Root Canal Therapy is performed.


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