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Foods you can Eat with Dental Implants?

Apr 19, 2018


Dental Implants are the titanium posts anchored to the jaw bone. Recently, Teeth Implants are becoming more and more popular in India. More & More patients keep asking us the foods they should avoid and foods they can relish with dental implants.

Foods to Avoid immediately after Dental Implant Surgery

Immediately after the Dental Implant surgery it is vital for the patient to stay hydrated and well nourished. To avoid any laceration to the gums and surgical site, it is important that patient stick to soft diet schedule. For next few days, prefer Ice-creams, yogurt, soups. Soft fruits like bananas, water melons, mango pulp and peaches are good options. Please read the list of foods you can eat after the Dental Implant surgery.

Avoid extreme hot liquids like coffee or tea, as they can hinder the process of healing and cause more inflammation. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol does not allow the blood to clot and delays the process of healing. 

Foods to eat after restoration of the Dental Implants

Once your dentist has placed the final restoration over your Implant you can start with various food you have been avoiding until now.

·         1. Be Gentle and go slow- You have invested a lot of money and time for getting Dental Implant treatment. It is important that your final restoration last really long. You should avoid sticky foods.

·       2.  Avoid cracking the hard nuts directly with your new teeth. Although Implants are permanent but hard nuts and other hard foods can still cause damage to them.

·         3. Once you have adapted to the new bite, you can slowly start chewing onto crunchy foods.

·       4.   Drink plenty of water.

·         5. Keep the gums and the teeth clean . Patients should use water flosser regularly after every meal. 

Foods to avoid with dental Implants

Avoid aerated beverages like sodas, lime drinks as they can have a detrimental effects on the health of Implant as well as natural teeth, where they cause erosion of the enamel. Jelly beans, sugary candies, caramels can do serious damage to a well osseointegrated Implants. Avoid sudden biting on to an unexpected hard kernel while eating popcorns. Italians treats like biscotti should be avoided to maintain the longevity of the Implants.

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