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Food you can Eat after Dental Implant Surgery

Aug 01, 2018


"Recovery of Dental Implants can sometimes be more challenging than placement of dental Implants. Lot of patients ask a common question, "what to eat after Dental Implant surgery?" says Dr. Mohit Dhawan from Avance Dental Care who has helped us compile of list of foods which patients can eat after the Dental Implant surgery.

However each surgery can be different and the diet can also vary, keeping an mind the different surgical requirements. It is important to follow the post operative instructions from your Dentist and his/her instructions regarding the diet after Dental Implant surgery.

Foods to Avoid immediately after Dental Implant Surgery

Immediately after the Dental Implant surgery it is vital for the patient to stay hydrated and well nourished. To avoid any laceration to the gums and surgical site, it is important that patient stick to soft diet schedule. For next few days, prefer Ice-creams, yogurt, soups. Soft fruits like bananas, water melons, mango pulp and peaches are good options.

Avoid extreme hot liquids like coffee or tea, as they can hinder the process of healing and cause more inflammation. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol does not allow the blood to clot and delays the process of healing. Please read the list of foods you can think of eating immediately after the Dental Implant surgery.

A comprehensive list of recipes and foods you can eat after Dental Implant surgery is as below

·         Apple juice

·         Bananas and banana shakes

·         Baby food

·         Baked beans

·         Biscuits dipped in milk

·         Broccoli-steamed and mashed

·         Cheese

·         Cheese cakes

·         Cold baby cereals

·         Cakes-soft without caramels and nuts

·         Cranberry juice

·         Custard

·         Cup Cakes

·         Creams with soft fruit pulp

·         Eggs-boiled or scrambled

·         Egg salad

·         Fish-Steamed or Grilled

·         Frozen Yogurt

·         Fruit juices

·         Fruit smoothies

·         Gravy

·         Grounded chicken

·         Ice-Cream

·         Vegetable juice

·         Macaroni and cheese

·         Mashed potatoes

·         Mango pulp

·         Meat balls

·         Melons

·         Milk shakes

·         Pasta-soft

·         Polenta

·         Pro-biotics

·         Protein shakes

·         Noodles

·         Rice

·         Pudding

·         Sandwich

·         Soft bread

·         Spinach soup

·         Steamed vegetables

·         Tofu

·         Tea

·         Tuna salad

·         Yellow squash

·         Fruit Yogurt

Foods to avoid after Dental Implant surgery

·         Tomato and tomato sauce

·         Black pepper

·         Seeds

·         Spicy Foods

·         Crunchy foods

·         Canned juices or acidic juices

·         Popcorns.

If you are a patient of Avance Dental Care and having any question in regards to what you should be eating after Dental Implant surgery please call the office at 0091-708-780-0016 or E mail us today.

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