Clean Your Tongue

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Tongue?

Mar 30, 2018


It’s important to clean your tongue because bacteria build up on it just like in any other part of your mouth. These monsters can get trapped, along with dead skin and food particles, between tiny bumps called papillae. The result is a thin layer of mucus that leaves a white coating.

If not addressed, the bacteria that are trapped can cause bad breath and worse, be redeposited on the teeth and gums, which increases their risk for plaque and tartar buildup.


Following best methods can prevent the worst bacteria

Brushing – After brushing your teeth, you should gently brush your tongue to remove any remaining bacteria, moving the apparatus from back to front.

Scraping – Another method that helps tremendously, is to scrape your tongue. Place the scraper on the back of your tongue and gently move it towards the front. Rinse and repeat in this fashion until you have covered the entire area. This method really provides a more intrusive way of disturbing the bacteria snuggled between the papillae on your tongue.

 Along with practicing excellent oral hygiene, be sure to schedule a semi-annual appointment with your professional dentist for a thorough examination and cleaning, so that your efforts to care for your mouth, teeth, gums and tongue can be maximized.

In return, you can expect to enjoy superb oral health for years to come!

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