Ask for SLActive Dental Implants

Ask for SLActive Dental Implants


The challenge in the osseo-integration process of Dental Implants, two factors play a Crtical role: Primary stability of Implant (mechanical stability) and Biologic stability. Taking bone quality into consideration, achievement of primary stability is predictable thanks to key features of implant system design, such as thread pitch, precision of implant dimensions, and corresponding drills.

Biologic stability is the result of the healing process, and is not under the direct control of the your Dentist. Achievement of full secondary stability is subject to numerous variables, the most significant of all being the speed of the osseointegration process. The SLActive implant surface can enhance the speed at which osseo-integration occurs.

The innovation: “shift the dip” the goal in the development of SLActive was to achieve secondary stability sooner by accelerating the osseointegration process. To reach this goal, researchers focused on understanding the biology behind the initial healing processes following implant placement.

Watch the Video to understand how SLActive works better than other implants.



The result of these inquiries is the SLActive surface. SLActive takes the scientifically proven SLA ®1 surface one step further through its improved surface chemistry. With its hydrophilic and chemically active properties, SLActive promotes faster osseointegration and leads to earlier secondary stability than SLA. By achieving secondary stability sooner, SLActive “shifts” the stability dip.


The benefits for patient and Dentist:

By achieving implant stability earlier than SLA in the critical treatment period of 2 to 4 weeks after implant placement, SLActive offers increased treatment predictability with shorter treatment times in all indications.

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