6 Stages of Dental Implant Treatment

6 Stages of Dental Implant Treatment

Jul 23, 2018


If you are considering Dental Implant Treatment at Avance Dental Care, you must be aware that the treatment is done in several stages over several weeks to attain what is called "Successful Dental Implant". Here's a brief idea about various stages of Dental Implant Treatment.

Stage 1-  Planning of the treatment

After your consultation visit we at Avance Dental Care we will try to a certain whether  that any Dental Treatment or bone augmentation procedure is required before the Implant surgery. Not all the patients have conducive bone and oral health for successful implants. Whatever may be the situations our dentist will clearly apprise you of the situation.

Step 2- Placement  of Implants

Once the initial Treatment planning is done the dentist carry out the Implant placement procedure. A precisely small conservative incision is made at the crest of the gums exposing the underlying jaw bone. Using the Implant Placement drills, a hole is drilled into the jaw bone in which the implant of required length and diameter is anchored. Once Dental Implant is anchored in the gums are carefully sutured back.

Stage 3- Recovery

Once the Implant has been anchored into the jaw bone, the process of fusion with the bone also called as osseointegration begins. The bony tissues begin to fuse and grow within the threads of the Dental Implant to create a strong foundation. However different human beings have reported different time interval for this to happen. Generally Osseointegration is accomplished within 3 to 6 months. We may schedule several follow up visits to check for the progress of Osseointegration.

Stage 4 - Placing the Gum Former

The next stage in the Dental Implant Treatment is to have Gum Former, also called as gingival abutments fitted once the Osseointegration is confirmed. It looks like a round screw head which sits on the Gum over the Implants, Allowing the Gums to mature and heal around the Implants thus preparing a foundation for good impressions and life like restoration. This stage usually take 5 to 8 days.

Stage 5- Fitting the Abutments and Impressioning

Before the final crown is attached to the Implant, we would always like to assess and analyze the load bearing capacity of the Dental Implants. Thus we place a small post over the Implant called Abutment, acting as the connector between the Dental Implant and the restoration.

Stage 6- Final Fitting and follow Ups


After all the stages and success coming through each stage, the Implants are now ready to have the final restorations. Some bite adjustments may be required after final cementation. 

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