5 Factors Affecting Cost Of Dental Implants

5 Factors Affecting Cost Of Dental Implants

Patients while considering the Dental Implants as the treatment option also want to know how much will be the cost of the Dental Implants procedure. Internet, Google research and treatment estimates from different dental practices can vary widely. It can be a tough decision and likewise can be equally tough to choose the dental practice only on the basis of varying treatment estimates. In India dental implants procedure may cost thousands of Rupees and the total figure may even go into Lakhs.

As you explore Dental Implants as Treatment option for missing teeth or switch back to other restorative treatment options consider the following factors which play a pivotal role in Cost of the Dental Implants.

  1. Professional Fee

The cost of the dental implants procedure is actually the sum of cost of procuring the components added to the professional fee. In Dental Implants procedure, the professional fee of a Dentist is a major deciding factor for the total cost. In countries like US, Canada, Australia the professional fees is usually 2000 times of what an average Indian professional Charges. In India the dentists who are highly trained with sound implant experience are likely to have higher professional fee.

One reasonable way to is to ask the dentist about the technique his/her office uses to place the implants. Accurate procedures use state-of-the-art Computer Guided technology and scans which has high procurement costs. Softwares and equipment guide the dentist fro precise implant placement. Free Hand implant placements can incorporate errors.

The practices with Computer Guided Implant Placements and 3D Printed stents are bound to be more professional and commit less mistakes. If you are not sure, don't commit yourself into any treatment procedure in haste. Book a Consultation appointment, ask your questions to the Dentist and refrain from the treatment If you don't  find his/her answers satisfying. the Dental offices with these techniques will have reasonably high success rates and are bound to be expensive than others in the market.

       2. Type of Dental Implant

Since the inception different types of implants are available for clinical use. In US, Canada or Europe it is mandatory for the implant manufacturers to obtain FDA License before rolling out their product for clinical use in human beings. You can ask your Dentist for a use of FDA approved Dental Implants only.

In India Different Implant Manufacturing companies have rolled out their products in the market with varying prices and some of them are just getting products repackaged in their own brand names, a practice which is very similar to Manufacturing of Generic Drugs in the Pharmaceutical Sector. Implants from companies with original patents are usually expensive than generic implants. It is highly recommended that you choose implants from these major implant manufacturing companies.

Major Implant Manufacturing companies like Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Biohorizon, Astra etc have global presence and also spend billions of dollars on the research and scientific studies each year. The major implant manufacturing companies also offer implant warranties and great support to your dentist in case of any implant complications or in terms of replacement of components which can be an asset considering the long term maintenance of the Implant.

        3. Number of Implants

Greater is the number of the missing teeth to be replaced by Dental Implants, higher will be the costs.

        4. Cost of the Crowns & Abutments

Some Dental practices offer comprehensive packages which include the costs of Dental Crowns to be placed over the abutments of the Dental Implants. Kindly ask your dentist well before, if the cost includes the cost of the crowns and Abutments. Usually the Ceramic abutments and Zirconia Crowns cost higher than the conventional Metal Ceramic Restorations or Metal Abutments. CAD CAM manufactured crowns are well fitting and costs higher than hand made crowns.

        5. Bone Grafting and other Procedures

Your Dentist at the time of treatment planning might tell you that Sinus lift may be required or jawbone is insufficient or weak in nature. In such situations an auxiliary augmentation procedure called as Bone Grafting may be advised. Allografts, Xenografts or Autografts may be used. These Procedures may cost higher.

Factors mentioned above play an important role in the cost of dental implants procedure. Avance Dental Care has made easy financing options available for the patients. Speak to the manager at the Front desk to know more about easy Payment Installment options for your Dental Implants Procedure.

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