Why Choosing India

Choosing India for Dental Treatment will be a good Decision

Choosing India

Dental Tourism is just like medical tourism comprising of medical-dental travel, dental health check-up and global health care and Holiday. India in past five years has become a global leader in terms of Medical/Dental Tourism. India not only excels in having the most advanced technology in Dentistry with the Best Dental Implantologist and Cosmetic Dental Surgeon but also provides affordability without any compromise in the quality of service rendered. Avance Dental Care is one of the leading Dental Implant Centers in India having state of art infrastructure, Equipments and delivering quality treatment.

Low Cost Dental Treatment

The dental treatment cost in Chandigarh is remarkably affordable when compared to other parts of India and globally. For example, the Dental implants would cost just 25000 INR (about USD 400) depending on the design, surface treatment, type and company of the implant. The same implant would cost around $2500 to 4000 if you are a US resident. It’s almost one fifth the cost when compared to other parts of the world. At the same time the same quality is delivered to you without any compromise. We at Avance Dental Care, have implants from more than 15 implant companies, with different designs and types like mini dental implants, single piece implants, single stage implants and two stage implants or two piece implants, and Implants for those who have less bone. We also do Basal Osseointegration ( BOI), Tubero Pterygoid implants and Zygomatic implants at affordable prices.

We, Avance Dental Care team, have a Global Relationship Manager to assist you with special tailored packages to match the affordability and comfort of a Holiday along with Dental Treatment. For any queries you can contact us on 91-9878300016 (follow the international code guide) or mail us at health@avancedentalcare.com

Less Waiting Time

One of the major aspects of patient’s need is appointment management that includes waiting time. The patients previously wait for months to consult a specialist and even longer to undergo any kind of dental procedure like dental implants, full mouth rehabilitations, cosmetic treatments etc. At Avance Dental Care, you can fix an online or on-call appointment and get to meet the specialist according to your convenience.

We give priority appointments to international patients. We understand the importance of your time. Avance Dental Care team reserves the date and time as per your treatment requirements. We understand the importance of time and so our team works at the its level best to finish the stipulated job within the timeframe required.

Tailor-made Services

Multi-language translation and interpreters, Tourism services, Lodging and boarding are provided, Accommodation are taken care of if required. Our team will make you feel at home.

Rich Cultural with Modernization

Very few countries in the world has a social and religious structure which withstood invasions and persecution and yet kept its identity by being resilient enough to absorb, ignore or reject all attempts to radically change or destroy them. Indian culture is unique because of its diversity and variety in physical, religious, racial, linguistic and artistic fields.

In India religion is a way of life being an integral part of Indian tradition. Many dances, theatrics and folklore are religious and based on Indian mythology and folk legends. The city of Chandigarh was one of the early planned cities in the post-independence India and is known internationally for its architecture and urban design. In 2015, an article published by BBC named Chandigarh as one of the perfect cities of the world in terms of architecture, cultural growth and modernization

Dr. Mohit Dhawan

Dr.Mohit Dhawan post graduated in forte of the Prosthetic dentistry from Pt. B.D. Sharma Health University,Rohtak. He completed "Advanced Implantology Clinical Programme" in Ziest, Holland under Prof. Dr R.C. Hertel.

Email: health@avancedentalcare.com

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