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Our Mission

Provide you best value of your money in recognition of your individuality and uniqueness. Besides having the well-qualified dental professionals, we follow stringent standards of sterilization to ensure our customer's confidence when it comes to safety and cleanliness.


Redefining Dental Care

At Avance we have created a Dental Practice where technology, scientific evidence and dedication converge to create outcomes that improve life and the way we smile. To keep us at forefront, we believe that it is essential to make focused investments in technology, learning and evolving thought process to solve our patients complex dental problems and treatment challenges. We've committed ourselves to developing knowledge across a spectrum of dental science that address challenges in order to create a brighter future for all.

We are Smile Architects


Avance Dental Care is known worldwide for high-quality treatments that blend into the racemic combination of affordability and quality dental care. Our dentists take you step by step into the creative and technological depth. From implants and restorative treatments, smile designs, latest equipment and material selection to complete smile advice with color and shape for you, we are happy to assist you. We look just a little further than your questions. That is why we always come up with surprising solutions within your wishes and budget.

Curious about what we can do with your smile?

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Global Clinic Rating     Global Clinic Rating.
Of our Patients are Booked through Referrals     Of our Patients are Booked through Referrals

Practice that we are Proud of

We stand proudly and honored to be the Dental Practice for our patients and developed a strong association with our patients and community. It’s very difficult to put everything we do on a single page. But these are the services that define our dental Practice.

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for Dentistry

Dentistry and use of latest technology are central to Avance Dental Care. To share our passion with our patients, we regularly organize workshops and awareness campaigns.You can download and subscribe the practice Newsletter Tooth Talk started with a vision to enlighten our patients about the latest scientific and technological updates in Dentistry

Be inspired
at our Practice

You are welcome at our practice in the city beautiful, Chandigarh. Be inspired by various technological advancements or expert advise by our Dentists. Do you want to be sure that our doctors have the time and special attention for you? Then contact us for an appointment.

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Our secret ingredient

Some Patients call us stubborn; others call us passionate or creative. We prefer to see ourselves as experts with a passion for dental profession. Whether it is consultation, dental implants, root canal treatment, complete smile makeover or a complete oral rehabilitation, we are happy to come up with special solutions based on scientific evidence for reliable results.

Our prices are no different than other dental clinics but our passion, expertise and services are !

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for Referrals

Your referral expresses who you are and what your word of mouth stands for. We understand the need for quality treatment, the extra responsibility and value your referrals. To live up to the expectations of the referrers, we now exclusively accept patients via Referral and the e-referrals sent electronically.

If you experience any difficulty with this, please contact our Staff members who will be happy to assist you. You can contact us Monday to Saturday or speak to Anil, your personal assistant at Avance Dental Care available 24 hours a week, throughout the year.


Health beyond Practice walls

We extend the importance of Dental well being from within to beyond the practice walls. Avance Dental believes in delivering care through flexible and easily accessible Digital sources that benefit the patients.

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